The Truth About The Mediterranean Diet

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The Truth About The Mediterranean Diet – Відео
The Cretan diet that gave rise to the interest in the so-called Mediterranean diet was not high in fat, fish, feta, or Greek yogurt as advertised or implied by advertisers. It was high in bread,…
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  1. virgorouge коментує:

    Good video.

  2. Vegan Great Life | Macrobiotic Diet & Lifestyle коментує:

    +virgorouge Thanks, Don puts a lot of work into his videos. ~Tracy

  3. Torah Walkers коментує:

    A very good video, I could not agree more. We all should strive to do our best for ourselves and I believe what you shared here could actually help many of us that are looking for a reasonable diet we can sustain and be healthy.
    Thank you.

  4. Rocki Sanford коментує:

    I'm trying to be a vegan.because I love animals. I have heart disease will being a vegan really help? I'm conflicted with going vegan and, doing a few other things. Someone help :)

  5. Rocki Sanford коментує:

    thank you . you made my decision easier! plant based it is.

  6. Vegan Great Life | Macrobiotic Diet & Lifestyle коментує:

    +Rocki Sanford Yay! You won't regret it! Check our Dr. Esselstyn's book, Prevent and Reverse Heat Disease. We don't think everyone needs to be eliminating nuts/насіння/avos like he had his patients do, but his patients were extreme cases of advanced heart disease. Dr. Greger has many good videos as well, including several showing the health benefits of nuts and seeds.

    A lot of people give up on eating a vegan diet I think because of trying to follow someone's rules which aren't necessary, nor often validated by science. Others just don't eat enough. We have lots of recipes and play lists. Hopefully it's easy to sift thru them. I want to clean it up at some point. Also check out our books in the links for more info. Don's Powered By Plants is very well researched if you really want to feel mentally solid with a vegan diet being healthy. I should say a healthy vegan diet, as many eat a pretty unhealthy vegan diet too. ~Tracy

  7. Potato Strong коментує:

    Love it. Shared on my Potato Strong facebook page as well should hopefully get a nice boost.

  8. Vegan Great Life | Macrobiotic Diet & Lifestyle коментує:

    Thanks Will.

  9. Mared O коментує:


  10. Awake Maven коментує:

    Wow, this was so eye-opening! Thanks for making this video. I'm going to show it to my family.

  11. Vegan Great Life | Macrobiotic Diet & Lifestyle коментує:

    +Awake Maven TY! I hope your family got some benefit from watching. ~Tracy & Don

  12. haggibDR коментує:

    There are a lot of countries and regions in the above diet not only Greece

  13. Mary C коментує:

    Great info! Thanks for sharing this!

  14. Vegan Great Life | Macrobiotic Diet & Lifestyle коментує:

    +Mary C TY Mary for commenting….3 months ago, lol. Not always the fastest across the finish line, but like the turtle, I get there, LOL ~Tracy

  15. Nelson Gardner коментує:

    I am a recent vegan (April 2014), and have included Dr. Esselstyn's recommendations of no oil, no nuts. I made this rather drastic dietary change based not on the and numerous conflicting clinical studies, but on his photographs of reversal of heart disease and measurements of blood flow. Many of you know the nutritional literature much better than I do (and I will be too following Don Matesz, interesting site!), so I have a general question. Are there any papers out there by those who the advocate Atkins plus, Paleo diets, or the “Mediterranean” diet, that show images of reversal of heart disease and increased bloodflow?

  16. Vegan Great Life | Macrobiotic Diet & Lifestyle коментує:

    +Nelson Gardner I don't think so. (BTW, sorry for delayed response.) As much as they look for ways to discredit Esselstyn's work, they have nothing remotely comparable. Just as an FYI, there are studies showing the health benefit of whole nuts/seeds, esp. when eaten appropriately (not fist to mouth, or roasted in oils w/ added salt) Almonds have been used in studies by Dr. Jenkins along w/ soy foods, beans, barley, oats, and blueberries, plus I think eggplant and okra to help people lower cholesterol as effectively as statin drugs. When I think eating plant based, it's essential to eat some, tho many follow the book end antithesis to low carb w/ a super high carb diet. That works for some, but not all people do well having little added fats. Sunflower seeds and almonds in particular are good sources of vitamin E. And a brazil nut a few times a week will give you selenium. Avocados are too good. They all have fiber in tact, unlike the oils. Plus, I think much of McDougall and Esselstyn's work was in reference to people w/ extreme heart disease eating animal and fats proteins, which leads to much different outcomes. Hope this is helpful, Tracy

  17. KasCooks коментує:

    Very informative, very interesting.

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