Shadow Dagger Glitch

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Shadow Dagger Glitch – Відео
it hurtss my headd rip left hand players Twitter – Twitch – Facebook – Steam Group…
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  1. Delicious MilkGG коментує:

    can anyone else with a dagger confirm playing this left handed? people in my mm team saw it too.

  2. InterestingGamer коментує:

    +Delicious MilkGG Can confirm

  3. Dominik Lamos коментує:

    +Delicious MilkGG hi, :) i saw that u are top donator for csgo lounge :) congratz man 😀 have a nice day

  4. ayy lmao коментує:

    should probably buy bhopping lessons

  5. ayy lmao коментує:

    +cheevin carlsson THROUGH IVY OUT MIDDLE

  6. bur коментує:

    +cheevin carlsson rip phoon </3

  7. JYC422 коментує:

    why are the fuck you jumping around the whole video? it's more than the annoying glitch

  8. TwitchE коментує:

    +JYC422 Because it's fun.

  9. Pasdnam коментує:

    +JYC422 adhd. don't forget to take your pills kids.

  10. Inexorable l коментує:

    You guys realise that it's going to be fixed ?

    so you can buy them if you want tbh

  11. Delicious MilkGG коментує:

    +Inexorable l they literally drop in price by like 10% a day, so u save alot of money

  12. Shan Sohi коментує:

    +Delicious MilkGG yea lmfao, people are smart for selling them right now, a guy sold his mw slaughter ones for $400 (i think u saw it on reddit?) but, they WILL go down ALOTTT in price soon.

  13. My English sucks as well коментує:

    A fix from my side till valve is going to do some shit.
    Add this in to your autoexec if you are using the default keybinds:

    bind “3” “cl_righthand 1; slot3”
    bind “1” “cl_righthand 0; slot1”
    bind “2” “cl_righthand 0; slot2”
    bind “4” “cl_righthand 0; slot4”
    bind “5” “cl_righthand 0; slot5”
    bind “q” “cl_righthand 0; lastinv”
    bind “mwheelup” “cl_righthand 0; invnext”
    bind “mwhdown” “cl_righthand 0; invprev”

    This will bind to 3 simultaneously switch to knife and hold them in the right hand so it wont glitch out.

  14. My English sucks as well коментує:

    +King Co ist simple. dont press q then

  15. King Co коментує:

    +My English sucks as well its not easy when some1 is used to it

  16. LAUNDERS CSTRIKE коментує:


  17. Tehkezah коментує:

    +LAUNDERS CSTRIKE you don't have emotions, it could simply say launders face and would mean the same thing.

  18. Derf коментує:


  19. Hope T коментує:

    Stop fucking jumping while we see what you're on about, fuck for's sake.

  20. kplus коментує:

    please stop fucking jumping constantly

  21. japakrenise коментує:

    +Kappa faggot meme cunt go neck yourself and kill your piece of shit people who made u

  22. DERPs channel коментує:

    well i'm ambidextrous to i'm flexible to left and right handed 😀

  23. CreatorHunter коментує:

    +ParesHopping and you're a fucking wierdo stalking my page. that's the shit wierd ass people dom

  24. ParesHopping коментує:

    +CreatorHunter a GNM 1 month ago will still be shit and know nothing and it's not stalking clicking your profile and public viewing it is it?

  25. R4V1NGaming коментує:

    Wanna hear a joke? “cl_righthand 0”

  26. Kst Games коментує:

    +R4V1NGaming you do realize one of the eyes is dominant so having the gun on the non dominant eye makes it easier on you?

  27. Prexxy коментує:

    U Know what is a Joke? That Comment

  28. Bailey Cs:go And More : ) коментує:

    Oh shit, i was gonna buy some. Thanks for the info : )

  29. Destess коментує:

    +Zinnq Works just fine for me.

  30. Bailey Cs:go And More : ) коментує:

    Yeah, i made a vid not about buying them yet. nor eason to.

  31. Theo "Theodoooore" higgins коментує:

    This honestly might be enough to make me switch back from left hand, I am right handed so I feel like right handed is still fine to play on

  32. DuDe1040 коментує:

    No,that rule only aplies if you are seing real 3d (a.k.a life) so that rules doesent apply to games,Ill link you an article that debunked that long time ago if i find it

  33. Luke Holland коментує:

    +DuDe1040 Well it works for me and many other people. It may have been 'debunked', but I still much prefer the gun on the left side because I notice it less.

  34. Ldftwin коментує:

    you shouldn't buy them now anyways, they are gonna be sooooo much cheaper in a month or so

  35. Not a Troll коментує:

    left hand = devil

  36. YarzzShaft коментує:

    so whats the fucking problem.. it will be patched by the end of the week. “ughhh i wouldnt recommend buying shadow daggers since they are glitchy”. just use right handed until the patch comes or whatever.. “ughhh literally unplayable”.
    cant fucking listen to this guy.

  37. Deez Nuts коментує:

    +YarzzShaft why are u watching then?
    And the people who plays letf handed it's cuz they cant or they dont like to play right handend.
    So gtfo hater

  38. U N K N O W N коментує:

    He's watching so he can find out what the glitch is Using that “Why watch the video” statement makes you look like a retard.

  39. Valcha360 коментує:

    People will buy now the Shadow Daggers just to mess with the left handed players. xD

  40. Imre Vahtramae коментує:

    I only wish dust2 would look like that! Would be dope if they would do the same thing to dust2 like train and make dd2 look like this night!!

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