DIY Spider Balloons – Man Vs. Pin #34

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DIY Spider Balloons – Man Vs. Pin #34 – Відео
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  1. Jasmine James коментує:

    Started watching your videos at 9:00 stopped watching at 12:20…..your videos are вживання lol

  2. Tremend2 коментує:

    I did the same just non stop lol

  3. Mimzy's World коментує:

    And here I was thinking he was going to pull out latex gloves.

  4. Whitney Dai коментує:

    Welcome to Theardbanger

  5. J. L. M. коментує:

    You should have had a trigger warning for the condoms! My cat saw this video, and now I'm going to have to explain what condoms are for! She isn't ready to have “the talk.” Thanks a lot pal!

  6. Jesse Napier коментує:

    +maleah oleman I'm 9

  7. maleah oleman коментує:

    Cool she is saying cus words u r not

  8. Voke Akati-Udi коментує:

    Rob: So I had to use the only other clear latex product in my house…
    Me: Hoe don't do it.
    Rob: Condoms!
    Me: Oh my God

  9. Heavensun коментує:

    I dident think condums were the answer

  10. Jesse Napier коментує:

    +Heavensun even why does he have consume an why are they

  11. comfortablydumb коментує:

    Him: I had to use the only other clear latex product in my house.
    Me: You're going to say condoms aren't you.
    Him: These are Trojan Ecstasy…
    Me: I fucking called it.

  12. Lyrics5evr коментує:

    I thought that

  13. Yazmit Toledo коментує:

    ways s condone

  14. NayNayDoesGymnastics коментує:

    Apparently just because he is married he can't have condoms in his house?
    Just because he is married doesn'mean t he has to have kids…
    And I know he already has three kids but exactly! He may not want anymore! xD

  15. Maisha Suhana Md Akhir коментує:

    +NayNayDoesGymnastics your profile picture looks like my cat , .3.

  16. Adrian Ray коментує:

    “I unwrapped and rolled the condom and pumped a load…”

  17. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii коментує:

    Me and my friends went out for lunch at school one day and when we were walking back to school this 8th grader was like “when you're older use Trojan condoms and if you don't have any use a plastic bag” and we were all like wtf? we're all girls btw

  18. sabina "luckystar2" seitkaziyeva коментує:

    Okay then.

  19. I Can't Think Of A Name коментує:

    I guess he cares about your safety. ?

  20. Woozworld Chanel-Pink коментує:

    What's fucking wrong with a married guy that has condoms in his house?

  21. Paco Ramirez коментує:

    +Amazing Peyton lmfao true

  22. Woozworld Chanel-Pink коментує:

    I mean everyone's complaining why he has condoms. He's an adult. Of course he could have condoms in his house.

  23. Sir.Alex коментує:

    Let's play a game! Everytime you see a kid bitching about the condom and or cussing. Take a shot.

  24. Sprinkle Cream коментує:

    I'm wasted already

  25. George Young коментує:

    +Sir.Alex I got alcohol poisoning and died within 2 minutes.

  26. BakaEfrel коментує:

    I know why it's foggy, because when you blow it with your mouth the moisture from your breath will stay on the balloon, so you can use a balloon pump.

  27. BakaEfrel коментує:

    +Evil Kitties Wear Bowties Sorry for being wrong, I'm just learning.

  28. Nicolas Antonio коментує:

    +Bryanne Brady ???????

  29. Melody Goodwin коментує:

    I officially now know you are the group of male youtubers who are 6 year olds at heart.
    those are my favorite kind of youtubers

  30. Melody Goodwin коментує:

    +I Can’t Think Of A Name why thank you

  31. TheLappinQueen коментує:

    Yeah.. your profile picture is just fabulous.

  32. Kevin Burks коментує:

    I dont have a problem with 10 year olds on youtube because I am 11 myself. What matters is how mature you are. 90% of people would be my age saying ewww condoms thats nasty but I honestly did not care at all.Say Im to young to be on the internet and I will just ignore you because I dont want to cause an argument.

  33. That one Person коментує:

    I can bet you all my lexicon is much larger than yours.

  34. Polina BM коментує:

    Same here I started watching these videos when I was 11 and now I am 12 I don't care if he has condoms people can be so immature
    Who gives????

  35. Rosetta The wolf коментує:

    condoms useful for everything,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  36. Sabrina x коментує:

    wht r condoms????????????? ?????????????????????????????

  37. Sabrina x коментує:

    +beautyinside212 thank you for not being rude to the dumb internet kid lol

  38. beautyinside212 коментує:

    +Sabrina x Don't worry about it lol

  39. Lilly Barkwood коментує:

    well all i can say IS LMAO the condom now i know someting i can do minus filling it with water then freezing it and the placing ice in a cup to drink with soda

  40. Janelle Sanchez коментує:

    Literally my friend did the same with with Trojan Fire and Ice ones…..not the best taste……

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